Sensor Feeler or Sensing Feeling (SF)

Sensor Feeler or Sensing Feeling (SF)


The sensor feeler (SF) is also a concrete learner, and is the student for whom cooperative learning is made to order. SF learners must process information verbally, and learns best if they can relate personally to the content. When attempting to process complex content, the SF must talk it through, studying most productively with another learner. The SF should break large tasks into several small steps, and find a means of relating to the content. This student may create a story line or example problem using friends and family members names, take part in a play or game.

Both SFs and STs need to learn sequentially, building from the known to the unknown with manipulatives where possible. Constructivist theories (Aldridge, 1992) hold well for both ST’s and SF’s, in that the learning is built stepwise from basics to concept, and that the students build their own learning based on their own experiences.



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