Intuitive Thinker or Intuitive Thinking (NT)

Intuitive Thinker or Intuitive Thinking (NT)

Intuitive Learners

The intuitive thinker (NT) is characterized by logical thinking, perception of patterns and a strong need to understand, needs to process new material alone before discussion, and must see the overall picture prior to processing details to enhance understanding. When studying alone, the NT should first look over new material to get the overall picture. Once the global concept is grasped, the pieces fit in naturally. The NT must look for patterns in the information in order to facilitate recall, using mnemonics and other memory devices. Since NT’s do not memorize well or easily, they must understand the concepts in order to figure out what they will not otherwise recall. The NT is perhaps ideally suited for a career in research sciences, but often does not find academic success early due to natural dislike of repetition and memorization.

The intuitive learners, NT and NF, work most effectively in the abstract, and need to begin new material with a global perspective. This direction is foreign for most educators, so the intuitive learner will generally be assisted by reading the material prior to class in order to glimpse the whole concept for a starting point.



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